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Manufacturing and Construction Company “Zodchiy 59” LLC

Bulvar Gagarina St., 65A, 52 Apt., Perm, 614077, Russia

Phone: +7 922-243-3058

Аppeler de la France +7 922-243-3058

Сhiamata Italia +7 922-243-3058

e-mail: zodchiy59@yandex.ru

Manufacturing and Construction Company “Zodchiy 59” LLC

Our company “Zodchy 59” LLC is a manufacture and supplier of prefabricated wood-frame houses and chopped log houses. We produce customized houses from LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and timber-framing houses; the price is from 600 USD for 1 cubic meter.

We use only patent-protected technology for manufacture of our prefabricated and wood-frame houses. Our patent-protected technology of strengthened laminated wood beam undergoes certification regularly and corresponds to the strongest requirements. Such technology was worked out taking into account Russian climate conditions, that’s why it is suitable for every climatic zone. We know how to make your home comfortable and warm, hundreds of families can prove it!

Our wood-frame houses are perfect for building of houses both for seasonal accommodation, and for year-round accommodation.

We have our own manufacture so we can control the quality of material of your future house, hotel or shop from the very beginning. Our manufacture exists since 2006 and is placed in Perm Krai rich in coniferous forests. Process of preparation of raw materials of which we make great demands for quality precedes production of a framework. Our modern equipment allows preparing the raw materials which are dried up under production conditions quickly and in large volumes. It provides the accuracy of performance of all details of a framework and stability of geometry of a design.

If you are interested in cooperation with us please feel free to contact us by phone: +7-922-243-30-58 or by email: zodchiy59@yandex.ru.

Glued laminated timber (Glulam)

Glulam is a kind of construction material of the highest quality based on special techniques. Glulam is qualified as luxury construction materials of a high quality. Laminated veneer lumber is a new trend in the sphere of wooden house construction. One of the main advantages of glulam is that it does not have significant warps. This provides a completely different level of architectural work, because glulam construction does not have limits of width of span related to log length. Soft wood timber is a source of material for laminated veneer lumber manufacture. Soft wood timber is sawn in sawmill, then it is dried in kiln with soft conditions until it reaches 8-12% of wood relative moisture.
Usually there are about 2-5 boards glued together in 1 piece of glued laminated timber. This allows making quite robust glulam construction. Special two-part high strength water-resistant eco-friendly adhesives are used for gluing such lamels together. Such adhesives meet standard international requirements and don’t block breathability of wood timber. Laminated veneer lumber has unique profile which helps to fit square logs close together and build a wall equal to a solid wall according to its thermal insulating characteristics. Besides high mechanical performance laminated veneer lumber is fire retardant because of fungicidal and fire-retardant treatment at the stage of its manufacturing.
The glulam is manufactured with application of high-quality adhesive free from formaldehyde. A glue bond has an absolute weathering stability; glue has a green passport. Glue bond strength is certified by the independent European testing laboratory “Treteknisk”. All certificates are enclosed in Russian and in English.

Profiled square logs

Profiled square log is one of the most common and popular construction materials used for private property construction. Profiled square log is usually made from the soft wood: Siberian larch, spruce, cedar and etc. Modern foreign equipment is used for its treatment. That’s why profiled square log is a unique eco-friendly and safety construction material. During its manufacture the log is spudded, and then they shape it into a certain geometrical profile (rectangular or D-shaped cutout). Precisely this profiled square log is a walling material for our wooden houses. Profiled square log has a smooth surface on its side faces that brings beautiful and attractive exterior view o the real property. High accuracy during profiled square log houses manufacture makes them beautiful and unique whatever its design and field of application. Normally profiled square log has all certificates and sanitary cards. Dried profiled square log is regarded as an ideal balance between a kind of a building technology and pricing. Is cost is much lower than the price of laminated veneer lumber. Profiled square log is a breathing building material. There is no need to install air conditioner in profiled square log house because inside it keeps wood flavor and freshness due to air exchange. Such house keeps oxygen balance, controls optimum moisture content and distributes the heat by itself. In profiled square log house t is warm in winter frosts and chilly in summer heat.  

Canadian Log Home Building

The main difference of the Canadian felling system is that all woodwork is manual. And the main advantage is that such way of felling makes it possible to keep top layer of lumber which is very important for wood core protection. The Canadian felling system starts with careful log selection according to damage degree and sweep. Then they dovetail planed logs and put them one upon the other. Due to the Canadian felling system house walls look compact. Moreover the Canadian felling system is also valuable by the fact that angle joints are matched with pinpoint accuracy and there are no gaps at all. Due to specific form of cut tree marks joint gaps are pressed by weight of blockhouse. Also the Canadian felling system helps to keep natural shape of logs and wood texture. The Canadian short bench plane using for construction gives special features for a building. Special process of the Canadian felling system helps to protect wood from damage and enables wood to be reliable in operation for a long time. Accurate felling cuts don’t let the wood to crack and affect favorably to the quality and pleasant view of a construction.

Norwegian Log Home Building

This felling system is based on the most durable angle joint – the Norwegian joint. Specialty of such joint helps the construction to be used by more than one generation of your family. That’s why the Norwegian felling system is so popular in Western Europe and also in Russia though this method requires very high qualification of builders. The Norwegian felling system has a set of outstanding features that give undeniable advantages to building constructions. Firstly you should pay attention to the closeness of wood joint that is possible due to using of halved timber (with side faces filed off) instead of round log. Unique joints of such felling system facilitate the proper heat insulation. The Norwegian felling system enables visual perception of a construction as an integral design. As sometimes the Norwegian felling system can be conducted without rafter system during roof construction that’s why basic loading comes to ridge beams.
To avoid future cracks around all construction the Norwegian felling system includes the necessary longitudinal cuts to escape many negative effects of environment. Among the other advantages the Norwegian felling system is also valuable by the fact that Norwegian log building home can be used without insulation and decoration. Though Norwegian log built home looks like it’s made of laminated veneer lumber.